Time-based moving buffer

[streaming/Time-based moving buffer]

Stores the "value" property of samples received in the last length seconds and sends them via buffer. Errors on invalid size. Expects samples to be received in ascending order of "timestamp". Data sent via buffer is immutable. Example:

  1. size set to 2 (seconds)

  2. {value: "A", timestamp: 0}@0 received via sample

  3. [{value: "A", timestamp: 0}]@0 sent via buffer

  4. {value: "B", timestamp: 1}@1 received via sample

  5. [{value: "A", timestamp: 0}, {value: "B", timestamp: 1}]@1 sent via buffer

  6. {value: "C", timestamp: 3}@2 received via sample

  7. [{value: "B", timestamp: 1}, {value: "C", timestamp: 3}]@1 sent via buffer

Keywords: buffer, overflow, stream, rotate, window, seconds

Input ports

  • sample: {"value": any, "timestamp": number}

    Receives individual samples to be buffered.

  • size: number

    Size of the buffer in seconds.

Output ports

  • buffer: {"value": any, "timestamp": number}["value"][]

    Sends current contents of moving buffer.

  • error: {"message": string}

    Sends error when:

    • size is equal or less than 0 or not set

  • bounced: {"value": any, "timestamp": number}

    Forwards input received via sample on error.

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