HTML Form POST request dispatcher

[io/http/HTML Form POST request dispatcher]

Dispatches HTML form POST request and outputs response or error. Example:

  1. ""@0 recieved via URL

  2. {}@0 recieved via headers

{ "custname": "John Doe", "custtel": "1234567890", "custemail": "john.doe@email.doe", "size": "small", "topping": ["bacon", "cheese", "onion"] }@0 recieved via item 4. 200@0 sent via status 5. "OK"@0 sent via body

Keywords: form, post, html

Input ports

  • URL: string

    Receives the target of the HTML form post. Example: ""

  • headers: {string: string}

    Receives request headers. Example: {}

  • form data: {string: (string or string[])}

    Receives the form data to be posted. Example: { "custname": "John Doe", "custtel": "1234567890", "custemail": "john.doe@email.doe", "size": "small", "topping": ["bacon", "cheese", "onion"] }

Output ports

  • status: number

    Sends HTTP response status code. Indicates whether the request has been successfully completed. Example: 200

  • headers: {string: string}

    Sends HTTP response headers.

  • body: string

    Sends HTTP response message body data. Example: "OK"

  • errors: {"error": string}

    Sends HTTP response communication error. Example: { "error": "Error: getaddrinfo ENOTFOUND x.y" }

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