Contract deployer

[blockchain/ethereum/Contract deployer]

Deploys a smart contract on an ethereum network

Input ports

  • contract:

      "contract": {"abi": {string: any}[], "evm": {"bytecode": {"object": string}}},
      "contractParams": string[],
      "settings": {
        "providerUrl": string,
        "privateKey": string,
        "gas": number,
        optional "gasPrice": string
      "estimateGas": boolean
  • connect credentials: {"providerUrl": string, "privateKey": string}

  • contract params: string[]

  • only estimate gas: boolean

  • settings: {"gas": number, optional "gasPrice": string}

Output ports

  • events:

      "field": (
        "transaction hash"
        or "receipt"
        or "confirmation"
        or "contract"
        or "error"
      "data": any

    Multiplexed events. Useful for monitoring progress. Use Demultiplexer to separate them.

  • confirmation:

      "confirmationNumber": number,
      "receipt": {"contractAddress": string},
      "latestBlockHash": string

    Sends out the confirmation(s) of the deployment as received from the chain.

  • estimated gas: number

    Sends out the estimated amount of gas required for the deployment.

  • error: {"error": string}

    Sends out any error that happened during deployment

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