Collection contract deployer

[apis/nftport/v0/Collection contract deployer]

Deploys a fixed-supply ERC721 smart contract to a proof-of-stake chain for on-demand subsequent minting. Deploy an NFT collection contract:

Keywords: web3, blockchain, crypto, nft, smart contract, deploy, collection, polygon, rinkeby, ethereum

Input ports

  • contract:

      "name": string,
      "symbol": string,
      "max_supply": number,
      "mint_price": number,
      "tokens_per_mint": number,
      "owner_address": string,
      "treasury_address": string,
      "public_mint_start_date": string,
      optional "metadata_updatable": boolean,
      optional "base_uri": string,
      optional "prereveal_token_uri": string,
      optional "presale_mint_start_date": string,
      optional "presale_whitelisted_addresses": string[],
      optional "royalties_share": number,
      optional "royalties_address": string

    Receives details of the cotract to be deployed. Reference:

  • params:

    {"api_key": string, optional "chain": ("polygon" or "rinkeby" or "ethereum")}

    Reference: Default chain value: "polygon"

Output ports

  • data:

      "response": "OK",
      "chain": ("polygon" or "rinkeby" or "ethereum"),
      "transaction_hash": string,
      "transaction_external_url": string,
      "owner_address": string,
      "type": ("erc721" or "erc1155"),
      "name": string,
      "symbol": string

    Sends details of the deployed contract. Reference:

  • response:

    {"status": number, "headers": {string: any}, "body": string}

    Sends the original response.

  • error: {"error": string, "details": any}

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