Item getter

[data/array/Item getter]

Retrieves item from the specified index. If the item is not found, the inputs are sent via not found. Example A:

  1. [1,2]@0 received via array

  2. 1@0 recieved via index

  3. 2@0 sent via item

Example B:

  1. [1,2]@0 received via array

  2. 9@0 recieved via index

  3. {"array":[1,2], "index":9}@0 sent via not found


Keywords: select, retrieve, access

Input ports

  • array: any[]

    Recieves array to retrieve item from. Example: [1,2]

  • index: number

    Recieves index which identifies item to be retrieved in the array. Example: 1

Output ports

  • item: any[][number]

    Sends item at the specified index. Example: 2

  • not found: {"array": any[], "index": number}

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