Easy minter with URL

[apis/nftport/v0/Easy minter with URL]

With Easy mint, you can turn anything into an NFT in less than 5 minutes using one simple API call. Easy minting w/URL: https://docs.nftport.xyz/docs/nftport/?search=easy-minting-w-url

Keywords: web3, blockchain, crypto, nft, product, dynamic, mint, easy, polygon, rinkeby

Input ports

  • minting details:

      "name": string,
      "description": string,
      "file_url": string,
      "mint_to_address": string

    Receives the details of the minting. Reference: https://docs.nftport.xyz/docs/nftport/?search=easy-minting-w-url#request-body

  • params:

    {"api_key": string, optional "chain": ("polygon" or "rinkeby")}

    Reference: https://docs.nftport.xyz/docs/nftport/?search=easy-minting-w-url#request-body Default chain value: "polygon"

Output ports

  • data:

      "response": "OK",
      "chain": ("polygon" or "rinkeby"),
      "contract_address": string,
      "transaction_hash": string,
      "transaction_external_url": string,
      "mint_to_address": string,
      "name": string,
      "description": string

    Sends minting details e.g contract address and the transaction hash which can be used in Return minted NFT to receive the token ID and confirm that the minting was successful (minting can take up to a few minutes depending on how congested the network is). Reference: https://docs.nftport.xyz/docs/nftport/?search=easy-minting-w-url#response-body

  • response:

    {"status": number, "headers": {string: any}, "body": string}

    Sends the original response.

  • error: {"error": string, "details": any}

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