URL-encoded request dispatcher

[io/http/URL-encoded request dispatcher]

Dispatches HTTP request with an URL encoded body, expects response as JSON, parses it and outputs it as data. Outputs error if failed.

Keywords: get, post, put, patch, delete, fetch, api, url, encoding, data

Input ports

  • URL-enc. req.:

      "method": string,
      "url": string,
      "headers": {string: string},
      "data": {string: (string or string[])}

Output ports

  • data: any

    Sends HTTP response message body as data. Example: { "userId": 1, "id": 1, "title": "delectus aut autem", "completed": false }"

  • response:

    {"status": number, "headers": {string: string}, "body": string}

    Sends original response.

  • error: {"error": string}

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