Has path tester

[data/tree/Has path tester]

Tests whether a path is found in the specified tree data structure. Example:

  1. ["foo", "bar", "baz"]@0 is received via path

  2. {"foo": { "bar": { "baz": 0 }}}@0 is received via tree

  3. true@0 is sent via has

Keywords: path, tree, key, hasOwnProperty, exists

Input ports

  • path: (string or number)[]

    The path to look for in the tree Example: ["foo", 1, "bar"] would match for the following tree: {"foo":[0, {"bar": "baz"}]}

  • tree: (any[] or {string: any})

    The tree data structure to find the path within

Output ports

  • has: boolean

    Whether the path was found in the tree

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