Info getter

[io/file/Info getter]

Reads common file system information of the file or directory, specified by path. Example (success):

  1. "/home/user1/dir1/foo.txt"@0 received on path

  2. { "size_bytes": 3128, "created": "2021-12-09T15:47:56.441Z", "accessed": "2021-12-09T15:47:56.441Z", "modified": "2021-12-09T15:47:56.441Z", "changed": "2021-12-09T22:08:22.314Z" }@0 sent on info

Example (failure):

  1. "/home/user1/dir1/foo.txt"@0 received on path 2."/home/user1/dir1/foo.txt"@ sent on bounced

Keywords: stat, fstat, fileinfo

Input ports

  • path: string

    Receives the path of the file or directory to get information of. Example:

    • "/home/user1/dir1"

    • "/home/user1/dir1/foo.txt"

    (To keep the application portable use "/" as path separator.)

Output ports

  • info:

      "size_bytes": number,
      "created": string,
      "accessed": string,
      "modified": string,
      "changed": string

    The resulting file/directory information. Example: { "size_bytes": 3128, "created": "2021-12-09T15:47:56.441Z", "accessed": "2021-12-09T15:47:56.441Z", "modified": "2021-12-09T15:47:56.441Z", "changed": "2021-12-09T22:08:22.314Z" }

  • bounced: string

    Sends the path if the operation has failed. Example:

    • "/home/user1/dir1"

    • "/home/user1/dir1/foo.txt"

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