Contract executor

[blockchain/ethereum/Contract executor]

Calls an altering method on a smart contract.

Keywords: smart contract, call, alters

Input ports

  • contract address: string

    Receives the address of the contract to interact with.

  • contract abi: {string: any}[]

    Receives the ABI of the contract to interact with.

  • method name: string

    Receives the method name to execute on the contract.

  • parameters: any[]

    Receives the parameters of the method call as array.

  • transaction parameters: {string: any}

    Receives the parameters of the transaction. Example: { "gas": 2000000, "value": "foobar" }

  • credentials:

      "contract parameters": {
        "contract address": string,
        "abi": {string: any}[],
        "method name": string,
        "parameters": any[],
        "alters": boolean
      "web3_credentials": {"providerUrl": string, "privateKey": string},
      optional "transaction parameters": {string: any}
    }["web3 credentials"]

    Receives the credentials required to interact with the chain.

Output ports

  • result: any

    Sends out the result of the method execution.

  • error: {"error": string}

    Sends out any error that happened during contract method execution.

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