Bundles input signals that have the same tag. All inputs must receive exactly one signal for a given tag (or be a parameter) for the bundle (record or tuple, depending on the type of fields) to be sent. Example A (record):

  1. fields is set to ["a", "b"]

  2. Inputs ports a and b get created

  3. a receives "Foo"@0

  4. b receives "Bar"@0

  5. synced sends {"a": "Foo", "b": "Bar"}@0

Example B (tuple):

  1. fields is set to [0, 1]

  2. Inputs ports 0 and 1 get created

  3. 0 receives "Foo"@0

  4. 1 receives "Bar"@0

  5. synced sends ["Foo", "Bar"]@0


Keywords: merge, build record, build tuple

Input ports

  • fields: (string[] or number[])

    Sets a list of inupt port names matching property names in the data sent via synced. Must be parameter. Example values:

    • ["a", "b"] will result in record output

    • [0, 1] will result in a tuple output

  • unsynced: any

    Receives individual item for syncing.

Output ports

  • synced: ({string: any} or any)[]

    Sends synchronized inputs as a record or tuple indexed by the names of the ports they were received through. Example: {"a": "Foo", "b": "Bar"}

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