Throttles the received signal, forwarding only count number of signals in delay milliseconds. Reports internal buffer size via buffer size. Example:

  1. delay set to 3000, count set to 1

  2. A@1 received via data

  3. B@2 received via data a second later

  4. B@2 sent immediately via data

  5. C@3 received via data

  6. 1@3 sent via buffer size

  7. C@3 sent via data a second later

  8. 0@3 sent via buffer size

Keywords: throttle, rate limit,

Input ports

  • data: any

    Receives data to be throttled / rate limited.

  • delay: number

    Receives the length of the time window in milliseconds, in which to limit the number of signals. Can be set as parameter.

  • count: number

    Receives the maximum number of signals to be forwarded in the specified time window. Can be set as parameter.

Output ports

  • data: any

    Forwards the signals received via data, throttled.

  • buffer size: number

    Sends the current size of the throttler's internal buffer. Only sent when the size changes. Used for raising errors related to exceeding allowed buffer size.

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