Express server starter (simplified)

[scripting/actions/Express server starter (simplified)]

Starts an express server on the specified port and with the specified middlewares. Specifying an 'app-id' allows running multiple express servers at the same time. Writes the app ID of the started server to state. Repeatable action.

Keywords: express, api, server, routing, initialize

Input ports

  • state: any

    Receives script state.

  • params:

      "cwd": string,
      "app-id": string,
      "port": number,
      "middlewares": ("json" or "cors" or "urlencoded")[]


    • 'cwd' locates directory for persisted state

    • 'app-id' identifies Express server (default: "default")

    • 'port' specifies port to run server on (default: 8080)

    • 'middlewares' lists express middlewares to be activated (default: [])

    Example: { "cwd": "./express", "middlewares": ["json"] }

Output ports

  • state: any

    Sends updates script state.

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