Content type middleware applicator

[sdks/expressjs/utils/Content type middleware applicator]

Tells the Express app identified by app ID to use a middleware that corresponds to the request's content type. Defaults to "text". Example A:

  1. "ID"@1 received via app ID

  2. {"contentType": "json"}@1 received via params

  3. Express applies the "json" middleware

  4. "ID"@1 sent via app ID (output)

Keywords: content type, request, apply, header, http

Input ports

  • app ID: string

    Identifies the Express app to apply the middleware on.

  • params:

    {"contentType": ("text" or "json" or "urlencoded")}

Output ports

  • app ID: string

  • error: {"error": string}

  • done: any

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