JSON serializer

[data/dictionary/JSON serializer]

Serializes a dictionary to its JSON string representation. Example A:

  1. { "first": 1, "third": 3, "fifth": 5 }@0 received via dict

  2. json sends "{"first":1,"third":3,"fifth":5}"@0

More: https://github.com/Cranq-io/cranq-tutorials/tree/main/reference/2_constructing_data/2_6_serialization

Keywords: dictionary, dict, parse, load

Input ports

  • dict: any

    Receives the dictionary to serialize. Example: { "first": 1, "third": 3, "fifth": 5 }

Output ports

  • json: any

    Sends the JSON string representation of the provided dictionary. Example: "{"first":1,"third":3,"fifth":5}"

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