Node setter (mutable)

[data/tree/Node setter (mutable)]

Sets a node at the specified path of the tree. Mutates input. Warning! This node mutates the tree it gets that means if any other node received the same tree as input from the original source it may get the modified tree depending on the execution order! Example:

  1. {"foo": {"bar": 1}}@0 is received via tree

  2. ["foo", "baz"]@0 is received via path

  3. 1@0 is received via node

  4. {"foo": {"bar": 1, "baz": 1}}@0 is sent via modified tree

Keywords: tree, set, setter

Input ports

  • tree: (any[] or {string: any})

    Tree data structure in which to store a node. Will be mutated.

  • path: (string or number)[]

    Receives the path segments where the node should be written to

  • node: any

    Receives the node to be set

Output ports

  • modified tree: (any[] or {string: any})

    Sends the modified tree

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