Minted NFT updater

[apis/nftport/v0/Minted NFT updater]

Updates an NFT which has been previously minted with Customizable minting or Batch customizable minting. You can update the metadata URI with a new link or freeze the metadata URI to permanently lock it. The NFT must be minted in your deployed contract and update only works if contract and token are not frozen. Update a minted NFT:

Keywords: web3, blockchain, crypto, nft, product, dynamic, mint, update, customisable, polygon, rinkeby

Input ports

  • NFT:

      "contract_address": string,
      "token_id": string,
      "mint_to_address": string,
      optional "metadata_uri": string,
      optional "freeze_metadata": boolean

    Receives the data of the NFT to be updated. Rerefence:

  • params:

    {"api_key": string, "chain": ("polygon" or "rinkeby")}


Output ports

  • data:

      "response": "OK",
      "chain": ("polygon" or "rinkeby"),
      "contract_address": string,
      "transaction_hash": string,
      "transaction_external_url": string

    Sends transaction hash which can be used to confirm that the transaction was successful (blockchain transactions can take up to a few minutes depending on how congested the network is). Rerefence:

  • response:

    {"status": number, "headers": {string: any}, "body": string}

    Sends the original response.

  • error: {"error": string, "details": any}

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