Authenticated spreadsheet value updater

[sdk/google/spreadsheet/Authenticated spreadsheet value updater]

Authenticates the service user and updates dedicated spreadsheet. Example:

  1. session Id receives "spreadsheet_session"@0

  2. auth data receives { "email": "", "key": "TopSecretKey!" }@0

  3. spreadsheet Id "1_ewweewweFileID"@0

  4. update data receives { "update meta data": { "range": "Sheet1!A1:B10" }, "values": [ ["A1 value", "B1 value"], ["A2 value", "B2 value"] ] }}@0

  5. done sends null@0

Keywords: google, drive, authentication, sdk, spreadsheet, update

Input ports

  • session Id: string

    Receives the session id of the spreadsheet action. Example: "spreadsheet_session"

  • auth data: {"email": string, "key": string}

    Receives the authentication data of service account. Example: { "email": "", "key": "TopSecretKey!" }

  • spreadsheet Id: string

    Receives the id of the spreadsheet to be updated. Example: "1_ewweewweFileID"

  • update data:

    {"update meta data": {string: any}, "values": any[][]}

    { "update meta data": { "range": "Sheet1!A1:B10" }, "values": [ ["A1 value", "B1 value"], ["A2 value", "B2 value"] ] }

Output ports

  • done: null

    Sends null if the action was successful. Example: null

  • error: {"error": string}

    Sends the error which happened during the execution of the action. Example:. {error: "Something went wrong!"}

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