Reduces dictionary. External node(s) receive the partial result and each key & value and send back a new partial result.

Keywords: iterate, fold, aggregate

Input ports

  • dict: {string: any}

    Receives dictionary to be reduced. Example:

      "a": "A",<br>
      "b": "B",<br>
      "c": "C"<br>
  • initial: any

    Receives initial value for the reduced dictionary. Example: ""

  • part reduced: any

    Receives reduced dictionary before the current (by tag) item. Example: "AB"

Output ports

  • reduced: any

    Sends the reduced dictionary. Example: "ABC"

  • value: {string: any}[string]

    Sends the current value. Example: "C"

  • key: string

    Sends the current key. Example: "c"

  • part reduced: any

    Sends reduced dictionary after the current (by tag) item. Example: "A"

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