Tag trimmer

[flow/Tag trimmer]

Trims the last iterable (colon-separated) section of the tag on the signal received via data. Bounces when tag is not iterable. Opposite of flow/Tag nester. Used for lining up signals with iterations. (See eg. data/array/Iterator.) Example:

  1. "A"@"x:9" received via data

  2. "A"@"x" is sent via data (output)

Keywords: simulate iteration, fake iteration, synchronization, syncing

Input ports

  • data: any

    Receives signal with iterable tag.

Output ports

  • data: any

    Sends signal with data identical to the one received via data, but with the last iterable section removed from the tag.

  • bounced: any

    Forwards the signal received through data when its tag was not iterable.

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