NFT transfers lister

[blockchain/moralis/api v2/NFT transfers lister]

Retrieves a list of transfers matching the specified contract address and token ID using the Moralis API. Also returns the original API response for additional information. Requires Moralis account. API key and endpoint documentation:

Keywords: smart contract, transactions, transfers, nft

Input ports

  • API key: string

    Receives the Moralis API key.

  • address: string

    Receives the contract address for a token.

  • token ID: string

    Receives the identifier of the token in the context of its governing contract.

  • params:

      "chain": (
        or "ropsten"
        or "rinkeby"
        or "goerli"
        or "kovan"
        or "polygon"
        or "mumbai"
        or "bsc"
        or "bsc testnet"
        or "avalanche"
        or "avalanche testnet"
        or "fantom"
      "format": ("decimal" or "hex"),
      "offset": number,
      "limit": number,
      "order": string,
      "cursor": string

    Receives parameters refining the transfers query. Example: { "chain": "ropsten" }

Output ports

  • transfers: `blockchain/moralis/NFT transfer`[]

    Sends a list of NFT transfers as returned by the Moralis API

  • response:

      "status": number,
      "headers": {string: string},
      "data": `blockchain/moralis/NFT transfers response`

    Sends the entire response from the Moralis API, including status and header.

  • error: {"error": string}

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