Item getter with default

[data/dictionary/Item getter with default]

Retrieves an item's value by its key from a dictionary. If the item is not found, the specified default value is sent. Example A:

  1. { "first": 1, "third": 3, "fifth": 5 } @0 received via dict

  2. "first"@0 received via key

  3. value sends 1@0

Example B:

  1. 2 assigned to default

  2. { "first": 1, "third": 3, "fifth": 5 } @0 received via dict

  3. "second"@0 received via key

  4. value sends 2@0


Keywords: variable, container, buffer, data, default, fallback

Input ports

  • dict: {string: any}

    Receives the dictionary to get the value from. Example: { "first": 1, "third": 3, "fifth": 5 }

  • key: string

    Receives the key corresponding to the value to get. Example: "third"

  • default: {string: any}[string]

    Receives the default value to be sent when the requested key is absent. Must be parameter. Example: 2

Output ports

  • value: {string: any}[string]

    Sends the value corresponding to the specified key, or, when not found, the specified default value. Example: 1

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