Moving buffer

[streaming/Moving buffer]

Stores the last N inputs received via sample and sends them via buffer. Errors on invalid size. Data sent via buffer is immutable. Example:

  1. size set to 2

  2. "A"@0 received via sample

  3. ["A"] sent via buffer

  4. "B"@1 received via sample

  5. ["A","B"] sent via buffer

  6. "C"@2 received via sample

  7. ["B", "C"] sent via buffer

Keywords: buffer, overflow, stream, rotate, window

Input ports

  • sample: any

    Receives individual samples to be buffered.

  • size: number

    Specifies the maximum number of samples stored in the buffer. Must be parameter.

Output ports

  • buffer: any[]

    Sends current contents of moving buffer.

  • error: {"message": string}

    Sends error when:

    • size is equal or less than 0 or not set

  • bounced: any

    Forwards input received via sample on error.

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