Core source code

[blockchain/ethereum/Uniswap/v2/Core source code]

Holds the Uniswap V2 Core source code in a structured way.

Keywords: uniswap, core, source code

Input ports

  • read: any

    Receives a signal that triggers the Unicode V2 Core source code being sent via v2-core sources output port.

Output ports

  • v2-core sources:

      "v2-core": {
        "contracts": {
          "interfaces": {
            "IERC20.sol": string,
            "IUniswapV2Callee.sol": string,
            "IUniswapV2ERC20.sol": string,
            "IUniswapV2Factory.sol": string,
            "IUniswapV2Pair.sol": string
          "libraries": {
            "Math.sol": string,
            "SafeMath.sol": string,
            "UQ112x112.sol": string
          "test": {"ERC20.sol": string},
          "UniswapV2ERC20.sol": string,
          "UniswapV2Factory.sol": string,
          "UniswapV2Pair.sol": string

    Sends out the Uniswap V2 Core source code.

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