Counterfeit NFT finder with file

[apis/nftport/v0/Counterfeit NFT finder with file]

Analyzes the input image passed with file and returns duplicates (i.e. counterfeits) against it. Requires NFTPort account.

Keywords: web3, blockchain, crypto, nft, product, dynamic, upload, file, image, animation, minting

Input ports

  • query:

      "file": {"data": string, "fileName": string, "contentType": string},
      optional "threshold": number,
      optional "filter_out_contract_address": string,
      optional "limit": number

    File receives base64-encoded binary file contents value. The other params are optional.

  • params: {"api_key": string}

Output ports

  • data:

      "response": "OK",
      "is_similar": boolean,
      "similar_nfts": [
          "contract_address": string,
          "token_id": string,
          "chain": ("ethereum" or "polygon"),
          "similarity": number,
          optional "file_url": string,
          optional "metadata_url": string,
          optional "metadata": {
            "description": string,
            "background_color": string,
            "external_url": string,
            "image": string,
            "name": string,
            "animation_url": string
          optional "mint_date": string

  • response:

    {"status": number, "headers": {string: any}, "body": string}

    Sends the original response.

  • error: {"error": string, "details": any}

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