File creator

[sdk/google/Drive/File creator]

Creates file on the given shared folder. Example:

  1. session Id receives "drive_session"@0

  2. file meta data receives { "name": "Test from CRANQ dynamic", "parents": [ "FOLDER_ID" ] "mimeType": "application/" }@0

  3. supports all drives receives false@0

  4. done sends {"fileid": "1_ewweewweFileID"}@0

Keywords: google, api, sdk, drive, file, create

Input ports

  • session Id: string

    Receives the session id of the drive action. Example: "drive_session"

  • file meta data: {string: any}

    Receives the metadata of the file creation. Example in case of shared drive: { "name": "Test from CRANQ dynamic", "driveId": "0AFITUOLHhs3TUk9PVA", "corpora": "drive", "parents": [ "FOLDER_ID" ], "mimeType": "application/" } Example in case of shared folder: { "name": "Test from CRANQ dynamic", "parents": [ "FOLDER_ID" ] "mimeType": "application/" }

  • supports all drives: boolean

    Receives supportsAllDrives parameter whether create should support both drives and shared drives. Example: "true"

Output ports

  • done: {"fileid": string}

    Sends the result fo the action. Eg. {"fileid": "1_ewweewweFileID"}

  • error: {"error": string}

    Sends the error which happened during the execution of the action. Eg. {error: "Something went wrong!"}

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