Store (async)

[data/Store (async)]

Stores data and sends it via data when read. When the store is empty, read attempts will be buffered until the store gets initialized via data. Example: late initialization

  1. null@1 received via read

  2. null@2 received via read

  3. "hello"@3 received via data

  4. "hello"@1 sent via data (output)

  5. "hello"@2 sent via data (output)

Keywords: variable, container, buffer, data, async

Input ports

  • data: any

    Receives contents of the store. San be set as parameter, or received as signal. When received as a signal, will complete previous read attempts.

  • read: any

    Receives a signal that triggers the contents being sent via data (output). When store has no content yet, read signals will be buffered until a signal is received via data.

Output ports

  • data: any

    Sends store contents.

  • written: null

    Sends signal when contents were set in flow.

  • not found: null

    Sends signal on read attempt while store has no content.

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