Records fetcher

[apis/airtable/Records fetcher]

Retrieves a list of all records in an AirTable table. For detailed parameter information, see the AirTable API documentation:

Keywords: airtable, select, get, fetch, records, rows, table

Input ports

  • params:

    {"apiKey": string, "baseId": string, "tableName": string}

    Receives the authentication & table parameters required to construct the request. API Key: In AirTable, go to 'Help?' and click on 'API Documentation'. Scroll to the "Authorization" section to retrieve your API key. Base ID: In AirTable, go to 'Help?' and click on 'API Documentation'. Find the ID of the base in the introduction. Table Name: Use the table name located on the tab of the spreadsheet. Example:

      "apiKey": "key...",<br>
      "baseId": "app...",<br>
      "tableName": "..."<br>

Output ports

  • data:

    {"records": {"id": "", "createdTime": "", "fields": {string: any}}[]}

    Sends the records retrieved from AirTable. Example:

      "records": [<br>
          "id": "recCz4d3k2DzDAZjx",<br>
          "createdTime": "2022-09-29T08:15:51.000Z",<br>
          "fields": {<br>
            "number column": 0,<br>
            "string column": "value0"<br>
          "id": "recDbWgh8YnNo3LJa",<br>
          "createdTime": "2022-09-28T11:20:20.000Z",<br>
          "fields": {<br>
            "string column": "value0",<br>
            "number column": 0<br>
  • response:

    {"status": number, "headers": {string: any}, "body": string}

    Sends the entire response from the AirTable API without modification.

  • error: {"error": string, optional "details": any}

    Sends the error, if one occurred.

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