Multi params builder

[io/http/utils/Multi params builder]

Builds an array of single query parameters as key-value pairs based on the key received via key and the values received via values. Example:

  1. ["Norah", "Smith"]@1 received via values

  2. "name"@1 received via key

  3. [{"key": "name", "value": "Norah"}, {"key": "name", "value": "Smith"}]@1 sent via params

Keywords: construct, create, key-value pairs

Input ports

  • values: string[]

    Receives an array of query parameter values associated with the same key.

  • key: string

    Receives the key part of a key-value pair.

Output ports

  • params: {"key": string, "value": string}[]

    Sends an array of single query params as key-value pairs.

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