Works with google drive using the googleapis sdk.

Keywords: google, api, drive

Input ports

  • action:

      "sessionid": string,
      "type": ("service_account_auth" or "create_file"),
      "options": {string: any}

    Receives the parameters of the google drive base prototype. Example: { "sessionid" : "drive_session", "type": "service_account_auth", "options": { "email" : "", "keyFile": null, "key": "TopSecretKey!" } }

Output ports

  • done: any

    Sends the result fo the action. Example: null

  • error: {"error": string}

    Sends the error which happened during the execution of the action. Example:. {error: "Something went wrong!"}


(by compilation target and repository)

  • es6-node:

    • npm:

      • googleapis

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