Demo pool creator

[blockchain/ethereum/demo/Demo pool creator]

For experiments only! It creates an initial , fixed scenario for newly deployed Uniswap compatible DEX deployments to make them quickly up and running by filling with initial demo data. Can be used either on Ethereum, Binance smart chain or local chain (e.g. Ganache) environments. The provider url must be set accordingly in credentials. Solely for demos and experiments, not for production use.

Input ports

  • router contract: {"address": string, "abi": {string: any}}

    Receives the address of the router contract and its ABI.

  • owner address: string

    Receives the address of a wallet that will initially own the created demo ERC20 tokens.

  • credentials: {"providerUrl": string, "privateKey": string}

    Receives a connect string to a node provider to the actual blockchain and the private key for an account that deploys test tokens and interacts with the DEX router.

Output ports

  • out: any

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