Aggregates inputs into an array until released. A release signal must accompany each data signal, bearing the same tag. The output reflects the order as received through data. Matching release signals may come in any order as long as each pairs up with a data signal. Example:

  1. true@1 is received via release

  2. false@0 is received via release

  3. "a"@0 is received via data

  4. "b"@1 is received via data

  5. ["a", "b"]@1 is sent via aggregated

Keywords: aggregate, collect, accumulate, burst

Input ports

  • data: any

    Receives data items to be aggregated.

  • release: boolean

    Receives flag whether to release aggregated inputs. Must be provided for each data input signal.

Output ports

  • aggregated: any[]

    Sends the aggregated data.

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