Divides the received dividend by the received divisor and sends the quotient via quotient. Bounces synced operands on division by zero. Example (valid division):

  1. 1@0 is received via dividend

  2. 2@0 is received via divisor

  3. 0.5@0 is sent via quotient

Example (divide by zero):

  1. 13@0 is received via dividend

  2. 0@0 is received via divisor

  3. {"dividend":13, "divisor":0}@0 is sent via bounced

Keywords: number, division, operator, dividend, divisor, numerator, denominator, fraction, quotient, ratio

Input ports

  • dividend: number

    Receives the dividend or numerator.

  • divisor: number

    Receives the divisor or denominator.

Output ports

  • quotient: number

    Sends the quotient or fraction.

  • bounced: {"a": number, "b": number}

    Sends synced inputs on error.

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